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Published Works

"Make-Believe Monsters," Eureka Literary Magazine, Winter 2002


The bus ride was OK because the older girls thought my red hair was cute and would set me on their lap and style it into ponytails or braids. Some would even dab cologne on my wrists to make me smell good. But that didn't stop my teacher, Ms. Martin, from taking me aside before class started and running a white, warm washcloth over my face, arms and legs. Sometimes, she would try to rub out the stains on my tops, which most of the time resulted in a wet blotch across my chest that didn't dry until lunchtime. She was always asking me if everything was all right at home and seemed disappointed when I nodded.

"Out With the Old," The MacGuffin, Fall 2002


Behind her parents' backs, Paige raised her eyebrows at Collin and shoved him out the door. This was the first time her parents had visited since they had moved into their new home. Every apartment they had lived in had become roach-infested because her mother brought paper sack loads of food and household items they cleaned out of their home.

"Tube," Green's Magazine, Spring 2000


The old oxygen tank had helped him make it through another day of search-a-word puzzles, solitaire, and TV reruns he'd seen a hundred times....Hal adjusted what he dubbed the "nose hose" and flailed it from around his body like someone turning a jump rope. He got up and walked stiffly to the bathroom, his companion's appendage following him.

Lynette James McGlamery