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Hi - Welcome to my Web site! As you've probably gathered from perusing the site, I wear dual hats. For nearly 15 years, I was privileged to have worked as a communications specialist during the week for two esteemed universities, while hunched over the computer on random weekends writing short fiction.

But I now have reversed the size of the hats, leaving a sure university paycheck to forge a freelance writing career so I could focus more on my short fiction. My gut told me this was the make or break time for my fiction-writing career, so here I am.

For all of my life, I knew I wanted to be a writer of some sort, but I didn't know how I could make a living doing it. Then I stumbled onto public relations and advertising in college, and fate just took over. I completed a PR internship writing an employee newsletter, which helped me land a job writing five newsletters for a long-term health care company, which helped me land marketing communication positions at Texas A&M and Rice.

But even though the projects I created were mine, they weren't totally my vision or my voice. That could only happen through my fiction writing. I was fortunate throughout my life to have people nurture my creativity. From my first story, "My Mother Has Big Hair," written when I was 6 or 7, to winning contests as an elementary school student for a circus poster, Mother's Day card, tissue Easter egg, and a safety poster, I felt more alive and had more fun in creating something than I did in anything else.

I enrolled in the master's program for creative writing at Texas A&M intending to learn the craft so I could write children's books. But instead, I found a love for writing adult short fiction, thanks to James Hannah and the great student critiquers in my classes.

I'm currently working on two short-story collections that reflect my observations about growing up and living in East Texas. Through this site, I'll keep you posted on my progress as well as on other work that I get published. I hope in a couple of years, I'll be wearing just one writing hat....Thanks for your support!


Lynette James McGlamery