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Since I wrote and illustrated my first story, "My Mother Has Big Hair," when I was 6 or 7 years old, I have vowed to always push myself to have fun with my work and be fearless in presenting even the most way-out-there concepts. Here is my list of different sites that contain tools and techniques to help you be more creative and some sites that reflect creativity at its funniest.

Has an extensive A - Z index of creativity tools and mind-stimulating puzzles.

Thinking Like a Genius
Tips for thinking like the world's most creative people.

6 Myths of Creativity
A great Fast Company article that says creative types can be found everywhere.

The Onion
A wonderful example of creative satire.

The Simpsons
In my opinion, one of the wittiest and smartest written shows ever on TV.

McGlamery Photo Gallery
I may be biased, but my husband's landscape photos are pretty inspiring for creativity (he also sells them if you wish to use them in your publications).

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