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About Me as a Photographer

I have been active as a photographer for almost thirty years as a serious hobbyist. I picked up the hobby in graduate school after becoming familiar with a 35 mm SLR (an Olympus OM-1) as part of my dissertation research. I bought my first 35 mm SLR in 1989 and transitioned to transparency films a couple of years later. I bought a digital SLR, a Nikon D70, in 2005, and have more or less transitioned completely to digital photography. In 2010, I moved up to the Nikon D300S.

My photographic interests are primarily outdoor photography of all types and aviation photography.

About Me as a Professional

I am a chemical engineer by training and profession, and my present focus is chemical process development. A few short facts are in order about my background:

  • BChE 1984, Auburn University
  • PhD 1988, University of Texas at Austin
  • MBA 2001, Auburn University (executive program)

I have been a practicing engineer for twenty-six years. I am also a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Louisiana. During those twenty-three years, I have had assignments in process development, process engineering, strategic planning, information systems, and supply chain management.


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